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Enhance your website with the Lexmark BSD Showcase without adding to your costs or workload.

The Lexmark BSD Showcase seamlessly integrates Lexmark BSD sales & marketing content into your website and is automatically kept up to date. This comprehensive information about Lexmark BSD products, education, and promotions gives your customers and prospects the information they need to research and make a purchase decision directly from you.

Once registered, just follow the step-by-step instructions to launch it on your website and we take care of the rest. The Showcase is maintained and updated automatically with new products and marketing assets to help you drive sales.

Customers research online before buying, so the Lexmark BSD Showcase gives you

  • A professional resource for customers that delivers the information they're looking for - quickly and easily - building site traffic and customer loyalty
  • Lexmark BSD product presentation, on your website, tailored to the product lines that you sell
  • Automatic updates that ensure information is always current and accurate so your customers can make an informed purchase decision

Take a spin through a live sample showcase!

Your Showcase will be customized to only include the Lexmark BSDproduct categories that you sell. This sample Showcase includes all Lexmark BSD products.

Demo Sample Showcase
Demo Sample Showcase
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